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Definite Article
Indefinite Article
Portuguese Grammar > Articles > Definite Article

Definite Article

These are used to refer to one particular object or group of objects. In English, there is one definite article: the. Portuguese has four different definite articles used to match the number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine) of the noun.

Definite Articles
o masc. singular
os masc. plural
a fem. singular
as fem. plural


The definite article is usually used before possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.
a minha casa; os meus amigos; o livro é o meu

It is used before a title whether or not followed by a personal name.
O Senhor Ferreira tem razão; Como está A Sra.?

It is used before abstract nouns, as well as before some country and city names.
a generosidade; a Rússia; o Porto

It is used to make infinitives into nouns.
o escrever - writing

Portuguese Grammar > Articles > Indefinite Article

Indefinite Article

These are used when referring to a noun in a more general sense. In English they are: a, an, and some. Portuguese has four indefinite articles depending on the number and gender of the noun.

Indefinite Articles
um masc. singular
uns masc. plural
uma fem. singular
umas fem. plural


The noun after the indefinite article may be omitted, in which case the article is equivalent to English "one" or "ones".
quero um também - I want one too
quero uns frescos - I want fresh ones